GoCaffe.ee online store terms and conditions

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1. General terms and conditions

1.1. The general conditions apply to the purchaser of the goods (hereinafter Client) and the owner of GoCaffe.ee, GorizianaEesti (hereinafter GoCaffe.ee online store), when purchasing the goods and describe the obligations of the parties

1.2. The general conditions that apply to products sold by GoCaffe.ee online store are the same as the rules and requirements of Estonian legislation.

1.3. The Client is guided by the price list of GoCaffe.ee online store

1.4. GorizianaEesti OÜ has the right to make changes, additions, updates in prices, assortment, delivery rules and services of GoCaffe.ee online store, changes and additions to the price list and conditions shall take effect from the moment of publication on the website www.GoffeCaee. If the Client’s order is made before the GoCaffe.ee online store changes are made, the current order will comply with the Terms and Price List that were in force at the time of purchase.

1.5. If the Client wishes to make a purchase in the GoCaffe.ee online store via the website, the terms and conditions of the purchase shall be those set forth in this document. By placing orders in GoCaffe.ee and paying for the goods and services, the Client confirms that they are familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

2. Price

2.1 The prices in the GoCaffe.ee online store are in euros (€) excluding shipping.

2.2 All prices include 20% VAT.

2.3 The cost of delivery depends on the Client's choice of delivery method.

3. Shopping cart and checkout

3.1. The shopping cart is created after clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. Adding to cart does not oblige the Client to buy the product.

3.2 After clicking on the "Start Checkout" button, you will be redirected to the checkout page.

3.3 The Client chooses the appropriate type of delivery and method of payment (see Delivery and Payment).

3.4 Before the purchase, read the terms of sale in the online store GoCaffe.ee and tick the box “I have read and agree with the terms of the site”.

3.5 The Client checks and is responsible for the accuracy of the information about the recipient and the delivery address.

3.6 The purchase agreement is considered concluded (comes into force) after payment of the due amount to the bank account of GorizianaEesti OÜ.

4. Payment

4.1. The Client chooses the appropriate method of payment for the goods on the checkout page.

4.2. The Client may pay for the order in the following ways:

4.2.1. Internet Banking. To make a payment, the Client will be sent to the page automatically selected by the Internet bank: Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Danske Bank.

4.2.2. Invoice. The Client selects the option "receive an invoice" on the order confirmation page, after which the invoice is sent to the Client's e-mail address within the next working day. The Client pays the invoice by bank transfer to the current account of GorizianaEesti OÜ.

4.2.3. Credit card. After placing the order, the Client can pay automatically by credit card.

4.3. The order and the invoice will be cancelled if the invoice is not paid within 3 days of the invoice being sent by e-mail to the Client.

5. Shipping

5.1. After the entry into effect of paragraph 3.6., and subject to paragraph 1.5., the ordered goods shall be delivered to the address specified by the Client.

5.2. For the transport of goods, we provide a choice of the following delivery methods, adhering to the principle of customer convenience, reliability and availability (see Shipping and payment):

5.2.1. The service of Omniva parcel machines is available in Estonia. (For the location of parcel machines, see www.omniva.ee)

5.2.2. Omniva express service is available throughout Estonia.

5.3. Delivery is made at the address indicated in the order. If the goods have already been sent to the Client, the address and the way of delivery of the goods cannot be changed.

5.4. The delivery of the order is dependent on the accuracy and reliability of the data, as well as the absence of delays and misunderstandings preventing the prompt delivery of goods. GoCaffe.ee online store and courier companies are not responsible for delays and possible misunderstandings, if any, when placing an order.

5.5. GoCaffe.ee online store recommends you to carefully study the packaging of the goods on receiving. If the goods are damaged, please send a message to the email address info@gocaffe.ee with as detailed damage description and photos as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to satisfy potential claims.

6. Cancellation and return of goods

6.1 The online store GoCaffee.ee has the right to cancel the Client's order, if the invoice remains unpaid for 3 working days. Before cancelling the order, the Client will be sent a reminder of the unpaid invoice.

6.2 If the received goods do not correspond to the Client's order, the Client can return the goods within 14 calendar days from the moment of receiving them. To return, the Client must send a notification within the specified period (14 days) to the e-mail address info@gocaffee.ee.

6.2.1 The goods to be returned must be undamaged, unused, with labels and in the original packaging. Money for the returned goods will be credited to the Client's current account within 14 calendar days after the receipt of the Seller's notification about the termination of the contract. The payment is refunded after checking the returned goods in the warehouse of the online store GoCaffee.ee.

6.2.2 When returning goods, the online store GoCaffee.ee reserves the right to require the Client to pay transportation costs of up to 5 euros, and to deduct the transportation costs from the amount returned, if the goods have not been returned in a proper manner (according to clause 6.2.1).

6.3. If the returned product or its packaging has been damaged as a result of improper use of the goods by the Client, as well as if a part of the product has been used, the online store GoCaffee.ee reserves the right to withhold the amount considered as refundable. The amount of the refund shall be reduced by the amount of the value of the goods of improper appearance/quality. In this case, the difference between the amount paid for the goods reduced by the value of the damaged goods shall be compensated.

6.4. The online store GoCaffee.ee shall cover the costs of returning the product if the product was damaged during transportation or if the delivered product does not comply with the order.

6.5. Internet-shop GoCaffee.ee reserves the right to cancel the order, if the ordered product is out of stock, and the Client does not agree with an alternative product offered by the online-shop GoCaffee.ee.

7. Guarantee and right of complaint

7.1. Disputes arising between the parties shall be settled by negotiation. In case of disagreement, the Client has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Department, Consumer Complaints Department, the Commission or Harju County Court.

7.2. If you have a complaint, please send it to email address info@gocaffee.ee, including: account/order number; customer name and contact details; the defect found, description of where and when the defect was found, and photos of the defect, well visible in the product; claims against the online store GoCaffee.ee.

7.3. The declaration shall be made no later than three days after the defect is discovered. If the Client does not submit the application within this period, they lose the right to demand free of charge replacement from GoCaffee.ee online store.

7.4. When returning substandard goods, the Client shall be refunded the amount paid for the goods (including transportation costs) to the сcurrent account within 14 days from the moment of return of substandard goods.

7.5. GoCaffee.ee is not responsible for:

7.5.1. Deterioration of the characteristics of the goods or damage caused by negligence or fault of the Client;

7.5.2. Defects resulting from misuse of the goods;

7.5.3. Natural wear and tear of the goods which results from normal use of the goods.

7.6. GoCaffee.ee’s online shop support will provide a written response to the complaint within 15 days of filing the complaint.

7.7. In addition, the Client has all other rights arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

8. Liability and force majeure

8.1 According to the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia, the online store GoCaffee.ee shall not be liable for damages caused by breaking the rules of the online store GoCaffee.ee.

8.2 Neither party shall be liable to the other party for the violation of the terms of delivery or payment for the order if this has occurred due to force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the parties.

8.3. The online store GoCaffee.ee shall not compensate for any moral damages that may arise in case of changes in delivery terms, prices and other conditions within the framework of the current General Terms and Conditions.

9. Other terms and conditions

9.1 Online shop GoCaffee.ee reserves the right to send customers information about new products, services and promotional offers. The Client has the right to delete their data from the database of the online store GoCaffee.ee, for this purpose the Client sends a letter with a corresponding request by e-mail to info@gocaffee.ee.

9.2 The issues that cannot be resolved in accordance with these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

9.3. Privacy Policy. Internet-shop GoCaffee.ee processes personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia (see Privacy Policy).

10. Waiver of contract - Disclaimer of liability

10.1. Product photos are representative. GoCaffee.ee will try to describe products and properties as accurately as possible. Product manufacturers can change specifications without consulting us first. If you notice any inaccuracies in the image or product description, please contact us via info@gocaffee.ee

10.2. The range of goods and prices can be changed without prior notice. The information about the goods is checked and regularly updated.